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IC23 - Applications of Life Insurance

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IC23 - Applications of Life Insurance

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IC23 - Applications of Life Insurance

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IC23 - Applications of Life Insurance


IC23, known as 'Applications of Life Insurance', is an important examination designed to help understand various aspects of life insurance in the insurance industry. Conducted by the Insurance Institute of India (III), this examination aims to acquaint candidates with the objectives, regulations, and applications of life insurance. It equips candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of insurance.

Significance of Applications of Life Insurance

There are various applications of life insurance that provide individuals with security for different needs. These applications can be useful for various life situations and purposes, such as marriage, education, or fulfilling different personal and business objectives. They help in understanding the underlying aspects of different insurance plans.

Topics Covered in IC23

The IC23 examination focuses on understanding the applications of various life insurance plans:

1. Need and Objectives of Life Insurance

In this section, the objectives and needs of various life insurance plans are explained. It analyzes the suitability of plans based on various life events and contexts.

2. Different Life Plans

Here, different types of life insurance plans and their specific features are elaborated upon. It assists candidates in making informed choices regarding the most suitable plan.

3. Benefits of Life Insurance Plans

This section sheds light on the benefits of life insurance plans and their useful features. Candidates gain insights into plans that can best fulfill their needs.

4. International Aspects of Life Insurance Plans

The analysis of different forms and policies of life insurance in various countries is discussed in this section.

How to Prepare

To excel in the IC23 examination, candidates need to approach their studies in an organized manner. Here are some important suggestions:

1. Comprehensive Understanding of the Course

First and foremost, thoroughly understand the given curriculum. Study concepts, definitions, and important details to strengthen your grasp on the underlying aspects of different life insurance plans.

2. Regular Practice and Mock Tests

Regular practice and taking mock tests provide an opportunity for self-assessment and improve time management skills for the actual examination.

3. Stay Updated with Industry Innovations

Being aware of ongoing innovations and developments in the insurance industry can give your preparation a fresh perspective.

4. Engage in Individual Study and Group Discussions

Participating in individual study sessions and group discussions helps in comprehending study material and finding solutions to problems.


IC23 - Applications of Life Insurance examination is designed to help understand various facets of different life insurance plans. It guides candidates in choosing the most suitable insurance plan for different life events and personal objectives. With dedicated preparation and diligence, candidates can approach the IC23 examination with confidence and contribute to the life insurance process. Remember, a strong foundation in the principles of insurance underwriting is essential for a fruitful discussion. Best of luck!