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IC70 - Marine hull Insurance underwriting and claims

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IC70 - Marine hull Insurance underwriting and claims

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IC70 - Marine hull Insurance underwriting and claims

Start @ ₹239

IC70 - Marine Hull Insurance: Safeguarding Seafaring Assets


IC70, also known as Marine Hull Insurance Underwriting and Claims, is a pivotal examination designed to equip professionals with comprehensive knowledge and skills required to assess, underwrite, and manage claims related to marine vessels. Conducted by the Insurance Institute of India (III), this examination focuses on the principles and practices specific to insuring ships and boats.

The Significance of Marine Hull Insurance

Marine hull insurance is essential for the maritime industry, providing crucial financial protection for vessels of all types and sizes. It safeguards shipowners and operators from potential losses due to various risks encountered at sea, including collisions, groundings, and natural disasters.

Topics Covered in IC70

The IC70 examination encompasses a wide range of topics related to marine hull insurance underwriting and claims:

1. Introduction to Marine Hull Insurance

This section provides an overview of marine hull insurance, including the types of vessels covered, the risks involved, and the parties involved in insuring ships.

2. Vessel Classification and Construction

Candidates learn about different types of vessels, their construction, and the specific features that influence the underwriting process.

3. Risk Assessment and Underwriting

This part delves into the process of assessing risks associated with different vessels and determining the terms and conditions of insurance coverage.

4. Claims Handling and Settlement

Candidates gain insights into the procedures for filing claims, assessing damages, and settling claims related to marine hull insurance.

5. Loss Prevention and Safety Measures

This section covers the principles of loss prevention, including safety measures and best practices to minimize risks and losses.

How to Prepare

To excel in the IC70 Marine Hull Insurance Underwriting and Claims examination, candidates should approach their studies systematically:

1. Thoroughly Understand the Course Material

Study the provided course material comprehensively. Gain a deep understanding of marine hull insurance principles, vessel types, and risk assessment methods.

2. Case Studies and Practical Scenarios

Practice analyzing case studies and practical scenarios related to marine hull insurance. This will help you apply your knowledge to real-world situations.

3. Stay Updated with Industry Trends

Keep abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and regulatory changes in the marine insurance sector. This knowledge will enhance your understanding and preparation.

4. Participate in Discussion Groups or Forums

Engage with peers, industry professionals, or online forums to discuss concepts and gain insights from others' perspectives.


IC70 - Marine Hull Insurance Underwriting and Claims examination is a critical evaluation of an individual's understanding of the underwriting process and claims handling specific to marine vessels. It equips candidates with the expertise required to assess, underwrite, and manage claims related to ships and boats. With dedicated preparation and a structured study approach, candidates can confidently approach the IC70 examination and contribute effectively to safeguarding seafaring assets in the maritime industry. Best of luck!